Where to start?

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Where to start?
I have a call centre in the Philippines, I'm new in this type of the business with no experience in the past. I have learned a lot from this website, and slowly I make my call centre better.

My only confusion is - there is so many information, that I'm getting lost because I want to learn all the topics. and to read all the articles.

How can I start 1 by 1? What is the priority?


Call Centre Helper

The Contact Centre Manifesto
If you already have an established contact centre then these are the ten steps that you need to follow. We published this research after extensive consultation with leading industry experts.

We call it the Contact Centre Manifesto.

Step by Step Overview
1.Determine the type of call center you want to start
- Inbound
- Outbound
- Telemarketing
- A web-enabled service
2.Check local and state requirements
- File all necessary paperwork for starting a business
3.Write out a business plan
- Depends on what type of call center you are starting
4.Invest in the necessary Hardware equipment
5.Software Support Lead management and Sales Management & tracking system
6.Managing Business Leads
7.Hiring employees
8.Focus on Customer & Employee Satisfaction.

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