why do they all leave?

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why do they all leave?
Other industries have been using exit interviews more and more frequently.
Is this a practice which is common within call centres? Do you think it needs to be introduced, so that the feedback can be used to bring call centres away from the stereotype?

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why do they all leave
If anyone has any interesting thoughts on this subject I would be delighted to hear from you. Please details of your thoughts here and I will try to contact you. I am currently researching the subject. Thanks.



Use archive for churn/attrition
The issue (including the use of exit interviews) has been discussed a great deal on this forum (I know I contributed) but I was unable to find the previous thread. Try searching using the keywords 'churn' and 'attrition' there are some lengthy threads on this one.

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Thems the ones
You got it Dave, links 2 and 3 were the ones I was referring to


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cheers dave and
thanks for your input, got loads of useful information.

exit interviews
They are crucial, and I cannot overemphasize this point.
You will learn more about your company from these people than from anyone else. With one caveat, IF you can get them to open up and speak honestly. Would not have their direct supervisor conduct the interview as they will tend to clam up.

Person giving interview needs to have very good interpersonal skills...the ability to connect quickly with people. But must be able to ensure that the interview does not degenerate into a "bitch session".

Virtually impossible to effectively conduct the exit interview without a standard list of questions. And ask the tough questions, i.e., what do you think of your supervisor? are we a good company to work for ? what did you like most (and least) ? etc

The answers will sometimes be disappointing but ignorance is not bliss...

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exit interviews
I totally agree with steve, an exit interview is a must and its better done by a neutral party, soemone who the person leaving does not directly report to. They help us feel the pulse of the operations floor and its an opportunity to set things right.


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