Will visualization / NLP help CC pros?

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Will visualization / NLP help CC pros?
Being a part of the training industry, I was just wondering the use of NLP in Call centre training.
Ours is a dynosian (star) culture organization committed to Individual and Organizational performance excellence through NLP, experiential learning and attitude reengineering systems.We have qualified and highly experienced NLP coaches and Master practitioners (cert. from NFNLP Fl.,USA)as a part of our guild of faculty.We are currently in the process of designing modules based on NLP( Neuro linguistic Programming)combined with experiental learning process in outdoor sessions towards maximizing excellence for the call centre professional.
Considering your experience as a part of the call center industry, do you think its necessary?
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Firstly I cant spell, I do however type quickly and this time forgot to re-read, how I wish there was a spellchecker on here !!!

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I'd be really interested to hear what you consider are positive trends in Contact Centre training. I'm not one to embrace something new purely because it's new but UK based CC training methodologies are, in my opinion, a little stale right now. Do you think it's more about who delivers? rather than how?

Look forward to hearing your views.




UK training opinion
Apologies for the delay Sharon, I've been holidaying DownUnder.

You said : "UK based CC training methodologies are, in my opinion, a little stale right now"

Could you be more specific,this is a very sweeping statement with nothing backing it up.

You said: "Do you think it's more about who delivers? rather than how? "

Err no, providing the training needs anaylisis corectly identifies the skill gap and the training objectives are met by well designed training and delivery then the learning intervention is successful as long as it is followed up by managers. As with all learning interventions evaluation is frequently the key, any organisations fail to evaluate and deliver bucket training to delegates who often have previous experience.

If a manual is all thats required for learning to take place then it certainly isnt about who delivers.

Positive UK trends in my humble opinion are;
Increasing professionalism of training depts and a focus on continued professional development.
Increasing status of training and elarning depts within UK organisations.
Increasing awareness that learning and development are critical to business success and a willingness to invest in people, deliveres and technology.
Increasing investment by Govnt and society in the value of learning.

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