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A few agents in our call centre have asked if we could have wireless headsets instead of the wired ones we currently have now.

I was wondering how other centres have implented wireless headsets, I have a few questions:-

1) We hot desk, can the headsets be paired with the base's easily by the agent?

2) Because we hot desk the agents currently bag their wired headset and put away, how would we keep all the headsets charged? are there such things as charging racks?

3) They are so expensive compaired to their wired conterparts.

If anyone has any recomandations on wireless headsets they have used, it would be most apreciated.

Many thanks,


Segment Manager


Hi Wizkid,

Full disclosure here - I'm from Plantronics. To answer your questions

1) Yes - very easily

2) Yes - you can charge up to 5 headsets from a single mains socket using a rack

3) You may not be comparing apples to apples. With features such as automatic gain control (makes all incoming calls the same volume level), daily sound exposure limiting, and dual connection (PC and telephone) wireless headsets generally have much more functionality built into them compared to a directly connected corded headset. There are some good value ones out there that are widely used in contact centres, so these features do translate into benefits.

Let me know if you would like more information.



Krypton Virtual Assistance Limited

What brands would you recommend for this purpose?

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