Workforce Case

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Workforce Case
If you are a company that need to choose one of service provider who are already serving the company, in order to outsource the rest of its Contact Center (200 seats), which the following facts,

Column1 Provider A
Cost/seat/month 10,000
# of Seats 200
Seating Ratio 2.3
Days off Shrinkage 29%
Net Working Hours after breaks 8
Uncontracted Absenteism% 14%
Monthly attrition 20%
New Hires AHT Increase over Target 50%
AHT Target (Sec) 200
Monthly Volume 1,000,000


How many HC will be provided by each vendor
How many agents should be scheduled daily
What is the contracted working Hours/Month will be provided by each vendor
What is the Contracted Average cost per Hour
How many new hires expected monthly?
What is the expected actual AHT
How many Expected lost hours per month due to attrition / How much the cost
How many Expected lost hours per month due to Absenteism / How much the cost
What will be the Real cost of the seat?

I need to know solution and logic behind into details please


Call Centre Helper

Use an Erlang calculator
First break the Monthly figure down to weeks - typically divide by 4.2.

Then apply weeks into days - bearing in Mind that you get more traffic on a Monday than a Friday.

Then apply to the Erlang Calculator

You will need to use a weighted average on new vs exisiting staff to get the right AHT.

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