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Workforce Management

There is a lack of WFM process in my organization and I want to showcase the benefits of workforce management to my senior leadership team. I have 15+ years of WFM Experience in all functions of WFM, however I am running out of time and hence anyone can help me with a presentation that gives a high level view of the WFM processes and its benefits will help.

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Mitesh Shah


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Look at quiet and busy periods during the day
I once produced a chart on Excel that showed the quiet and busy periods during the day.

It had 48 rows - one for every half hour and 7 rows (one for each day).

I then put the service level in each cell and colour coded it to show if we were in and out of service level.

I then did the same chart with the number of people we had on average fore each half hour.

This showed that we often had the right levels of staff, just not at the right time.

I was then able to build a business case for new technology that showed what would happen if we could have the technology to put the right people at the right time. It was very visual and very persuasive.

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