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Good Day Everyone

I came up with the idea of starting a business - it would involve the outsourcing of Workforce Management (scheduling, forecasting, Mi and analytics, Resource Planning etc...)

Any high level feedback or examples of whether or not this is a viable business idea and what are the major challenges.

Any feedback appreciated.


Call Centre Helper


Sounds like a reasonable idea. There are though a few people already doing this in the UK.

The key element is to do some test marketing. See if you can find a first customer before you invest too much money in the idea.

If you can find a customer before you start the business, then the odds are that you can find a second and you may have a viable busines idea.

Keep your overheads as low as possible though.


WFM Logic

Sean I started doing this in NA last year,....if you are looking for information and insight your more than welcome to contact me.

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