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Workforce Management Tool
Hi all

We are currently going through the process of scoping out a WFM tool and have been working with a third party to see some demos.

We are looking are IEX, Calabrio and Verint.

Our big criteria is to be able to build out using ASA as the main metric, this is based on various queues/channels having different agreed service levels, currently based on telephony, email & back office workloads, but will be introducing webchat in the near future.

Secondly we are looking for intuitive use for the users, both on planning team, real time team and within the contact centre.

Currently we are leaning towards Verint, but would be interested to know if anyone has any recommendations or user experience they can share with me.



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Reference Visits
It try not to give out product specific recommendations as it is so dependent upon what you are looking for. Certainly all of the companies that you have recommended are well know companies in this space.

In my experience there is no substitute for reference visits where you can ask these questions. These days these can be easily done over Zoom or Teams. Probably the best approach would be to ask the vendors for references that you can approach.

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