Workforce Management (WFM) or Workforce Optimization (WFO)?

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I'm doing some writing on software for Workforce Management (WFM) or Workforce Optimization (WFO)?

What do you think is the better term for me to use?

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In the last few years, Workforce Optimisation has been used by several of the call recording vendors to describe their suite of products including Workforce Management.

A typical WFO product suite usually includes call recording, search and replay, quality and performance management, analytics, and often customer feedback/survey tools. Verint Impact 360 and Nice SmartSuite are typical examples (or whatever marketing have called them this month!).

Within the call centres I have been involved with, WFM is usually referred to as the tool that the Planning team use. I have never heard WFO referred to in an operational context.

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As I am starting to deploy this across my call centres my definition is very similar to the previous post. WFM is the single application that allows the optimum scheduling of agents across the cc whereas WFO includes other tools like Quality Monitoring as well as WFM. I do try and not use the term WFO though because optimization can mean many things to people including redundancies!

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