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How many hours do your Customer Representatives work on a weekly basis?

Im looking to review the working hours of my staff from 35 hours to 37.5 hours or 40 hours and im interested to find out what other organisations do.

Any comments/feedback would be greatly appreciated!


Marketing Manager

Global TeleForce Limited

We usually rendered 40 hours a week in every customer we have. Because we are usually offered full time service in our customers.


Call Centre Helper

The average seems to be 37.5 without lunch or 40 hours with lunch.

You will need to be careful about changing hours as it won't go down well with the staff.

It is easier if you pay per hour - then more hours = more pay. Suggest that you ask for volunteers to do more hours.

Our staff work several different types.

We pay per hour however we offer 3 type contracts.

8 hour contracts

20 hour contracts


37.5 hour contracts

How many hours do your Customer Representatives work on a daily in iso system OR INTERNATIONAL SYSTEM

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