Wrap time between calls

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Hi All,

At the moment our call system relies on agents actually picking up the call that is waiting in the queue rather than putting the call straight through to them.

I'm looking at changing this, but wondered what kind of time between the calls to set. I need it to be long enough that the use of a wrap button is minimised, but I don't want them twiddling thumbs between calls either.

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Hi Graham,

I allow 1 minute inbetween calls to finish off the booking, I found any less and stress levels rose resulting in poor staff motivation.


I was thinking 30 seconds. I'll go put the whip away.... :)

How about leaving no time at all, but giving your agents the opportunity to stop the call from announcing to them when needed? This way productivity is better, as more often then not if an agent is ready, you'll get no pause at all. Agents are also generally happier with this, as they have control - any why shouldn't they? (You can view stats and correct any "misuse" through coaching?)

No time
Stress stress and more stress that's not treating employees fairly and you are so wrong agents happy etc check sick stats and agents of with stress and I'm sure you'll look at things differently and from the way you comment looks like you have very little contact centre experience and agents happier that's a joke

Allowance time laps between calls
Hi all I am new in this call centre jobs. We begin the first 2 months with time allowance of 10 a 15 second between each calls and this was OK.

Especially after heavy calls you had some seconds to recover yourself again.
Now we have 1 second time elaps between calls no time even to breed air properly. Is this common in the Call centre environment?


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Common but not good practice

It is common but not good practice

This is one of these measures that seem to a contact centre that is obsessed with efficiency to make good sense.

But as you have found it can be counter productive. It does not allow time for staff to recover from calls. This then leads to higher staff burnout, higher attrition and also if you look closely you will find that average handling time goes up.

We only get 5 seconds
Hi all, I work in a contact centre. In our one we only get 5 seconds betweeen each call. If the extension is required the advisor has the option to press extend wrap but this is monitored at all times and pressing it too often can result in a disaplonary process for call avoidance.

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