Wrap Time Target

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Wrap Time Target
We have always operated without wrap time and advisors would just get a call delivered automatically after 15 seconds. We are moving to allowing unlimited wrap after the call but will then target advisors on wrap time rather than talk time. Does anybody have any experience or ideas on how to define what the wrap time target should be? I assume there is some maths behind this rather than picking a time that just feels right?


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Police but do not target wrap time
Be very careful. You may be targeting the wrong areas.

Both AHT and Wrap Time should not be used as agent targets. They could be used as indicators for further coaching but should not be used as targets.

Instead focus on some other metrics that are outcome related, not efficiency related. So things such as quality scores or customer satisfaction ratings.

You also need to do more policing to ensure that wrap time does not get abused.

We do have some tips on reducing wrap time

Wrap time is working time...
It is easy to assume that your representatives use the wrap time to complete any necessary updates on systems, CRM, ERP or pushing communications to the back office. If they find a pre-allocated 'wrap-time' too short to do what they typically need to do then two things will happen;

1 - they will force the customer to stay on the line or on hold whilst the CSR updates the systems, or
2 - they will hurriedly attempt to complete other systems tasks; abbreviating what the customer originally said or needs leaving your records incomplete, inaccurate and suffering as a result

You may be surprised by allowing your CSR's to have an arbitrary Wrap Time, but yes, measuring it. You will quickly learn what the true post call wrap times are; and if you are using accurate and relevant closure or call detail codes then you analytics will tell you a lot. You can identify areas for improvement across your 'business'; something you lose if you have a blanket wrap period for every call. You could be inefficiently long; or too short. Both are bad outcomes for your business.

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