Free Call Centre PowerPoint Templates

We had a request in for some free Call Centre PowerPoint Templates. We asked Matthew Dawson at our sister publication Presentation Magazine if they would be able to design some specially for us.

These templates are provided for you to use, but they must not be resold, distributed or posted on the internet except by Call Centre Helper. 

Call Centre Agents

powerpoint slide agents

Click to download as PowerPoint (PPT) File

Call Centre Phone

powerpoint slide phone
Click to download as PowerPoint (PPT) File

Call Centre Silhouette

powerpoint slide silhouette

Click to download as PowerPoint (PPT) File

We hope to be able to add in some matching clip art before too long, so please watch this space.

[If you are looking for help on how to deliver a presentation there are lots of tips on Presentation Magazine]

If you are on the look out for more free Power Point Templates then check out the links on our Presentation Helper website

Published On: 2nd Sep 2005 - Last modified: 14th Nov 2018
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  1. nice website. very helpfun

    Mike 2 Nov at 4:27 am
  2. Nice, very useful!

    Petite 30 Aug at 8:42 pm
  3. how does the template work

    john bowen 1 Apr at 5:40 pm
  4. I also used to work in a call center.. awesome environment and after 6 months working for one, I already got a few white hairs when I used to have none!

    Now this article here, this is straightforward and very useful for my next web conferencing presentation. thanks for sharing.

    Karen Shelly 11 Apr at 8:33 pm
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