Recorded Webinar: Innovation That Makes Customers’ Lives Easier

Reducing Customer Effort seems to make good sense, and could also be a good way to increased customer loyalty. In this webinar we explore the whole concept of customer effort and look at a number of innovations to make our Customers’ Lives Easier. We also look at some technologies that can identify customer pain points and help to reduce customer effort.

Topics Discussed

  • Identifying customer pain points
  • Latest research on the Customer Effort Score
  • Simplifying IVR design
  • Task resolution
  • Call entry and Call exit
  • Making it easier to get through security questions
  • Voice biometrics
  • Voice of the Customer programmes
  • Real time analytics – helping the agent to deliver better service
  • Top tips from the audience


Guy Fielding- Headshot
Guy Fielding
Ed Creasey- Headshot
Ed Creasey
NICE Systems
Jonty Pearce- Headshot
Jonty Pearce
Call Centre Helper

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This webinar was brought to you by Call Centre Helper and is sponsored by NICE

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