Recorded Webinar: Innovation That Makes Customers’ Lives Easier


In this webinar we explored the whole concept of customer effort and looked at a number of innovations to make our customers’ lives easier.  We also look at some technologies that can identify customer pain points and help to reduce customer effort.


  • Introductions – Jonty Pearce, Call Centre Helper
  • Innovations in Customer Effort  – Guy Fielding, horizon2
innovation that makes customers lives easier .Guy-Fielding

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  • Three technological innovations that make Customers’ Lives Easier – Ed Creasey, Nice Systems
Innovation that makes customers lives easier- ed creasey

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  • Your tips

winning tip – “It can often be difficult to solve customer problems that originate in a department other than customer service, we have introduced a ticket system across the company that allows us to raise incidents with those departments.

We have a 24hr SL to adhere to which basically means if a customer emails us with an issue the department where the problem originated is targeted to ensure that same problem does not happen to our other customers.

This has been a massive culture change that has led to reduced contacts,an improved customer experience overall and a more customer centric business”.  Thanks to Mark27

  • Interactive Q&A – Live questions from the audience

All the tips from the audience have now been turned into an article 18 Ways to Make Your Customers’ Lives Easier


Customer effort Score –

Topics to be discussed

  • Identifying customer pain points
  • Latest research on the Customer Effort Score
  • Simplifying IVR design
  • Task resolution
  • Call entry and call exit
  • Making it easier to get through security questions
  • Voice biometrics
  • Voice of the Customer programmes
  • Real-time analytics – helping the agent to deliver better service
  • Top tips from the audience

Original Webinar date: June 2014

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