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Recorded Webinar: Scheduling Masterclass

A replay and slides are available from our webinar on the best ways to schedule contact centre staff.

We examined a range of different techniques that can be used to schedule the right number of employees, at the right time.

We also explored the human factors behind scheduling and the role that technology has to play.


  • Introductions – Jonty Pearce, Call Centre Helper
  • Penny Reynolds  – Contact Center School
  • Dean Couchman – injixo
  • Chris Dealy – injixo
Webinar Slides: Scheduling Masterclass by Penny Reynolds

Click here to view the slides

Click here to download our Excel Erlang Calculator – including Shrinkage

  • Your tips
  • Winning tip –” We work with three levels of availability. Some availability is high level; i.e. single parents who need to pick up kids and such, some is mid level, sports and suchand then we have low level availability, “if everything matches up, it would be nice to…”This has been communicated well to our employees so defined themself what is high or low level availability – that way, the guy who want to go for a round on the golf course is perfectly cool with the single mom going before him, even though she also had the “good” shift, last week. This works really well. This is for long term availability. In short term availability (funerals, surprise dentist appointment etc.) the team leaders takes an ad hoc decision.”

Well done Michel1

  • Interactive Q&A – Live questions from the audience

Topics discussed

  • Optimising schedules
  • Shrinkage factors
  • The latest thinking on shift patterns
  • Scheduling Multi-skilled staff
  • Holiday requests
  • Scheduling technologies
  • Agent self service
  • Shift Swaps

Original Webinar date: September 2014

Published On: 17th Sep 2014 - Last modified: 31st Mar 2020
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