Free Webinar – Tactics for Personalised Customer Experience

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THE DATE: 18th July 2012 (11am BST)
THE LOCATION: Online Webinar
THE DETAILS:  Free webinar featuring Martin Hill-Wilson, voted most influential person in the contact centre industry by Call Centre Helper readers.

One of the ‘holy grails’ of Customer Experience Management is the ability to offer carefully designed customised experience. It needs little reflection to realise that when the shoe perfectly fits, the customer is proportionally happier.

However ‘scalable intimacy’ has had trouble getting off the drawing board. This is not for the lack of data. Most organisations now hold incredible detail about their customers. Indeed the issue of ‘big data’ is throwing up a whole new set of challenges. But the ability to use this interaction and transactional insight in real time in order to offer a personalised service has been a vital missing link.

Join NewVoiceMedia on this webinar to hear Martin Hill-Wilson discuss how this is now an affordable and scalable option in Next Generation Customer Services. They will offer our usual mix of challenging ideas, practical examples and opportunities to ask question as part of their on-going series on ‘One Agenda’.  This has been exploring how Marketing, Sales and Customer Service can find ways to improve their mutual collaboration around customers.



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