Webinar: Walk a mile or two in your customers’ shoes!

Personalising the customer’s experience in the contact centre. Developing a more personal approach to engaging consumers with your brand is a compelling value proposition.  In short, developing a better relationship means that your customers can and will buy more.

This exciting webinar shows how you can improve your customer’s experience.

  1. Service not cost – Develop and refine personalisation of the customer experience. You can do this on the phone! Old-school thinking is to focus on call stats, but outcomes are more important.
  2. Make your customers feel special – Make your customers feel like they are joining a club, an experience club, when they call you, that they are special, you respect them, their needs and that you believe in and need them.
  3. Consult with your customers – Develop an experience that they help to define – so it is what they need and want: Ask, listen and implement. Don’t ask and ignore.
  4. Intelligent call routing – Use the information you hold on your customers and turn it into a resource for managing the interaction you have with them, making the experience the most relevant and most suitable you can.  Go to the right person internally every time. Don’t bounce callers throughout your organisation.
  5. Integrate your contact centre with the rest of the company – the contact centre is, more often than not, part of Operations, which is likely separate from marketing and sales.  Look to integration to turn the contact centre from a cost centre to a profit centre.

Personal beliefs and attitudes control your motivation.  Walk a mile or two in your customers’ shoes, and you will understand not only something about their attitudes, but also about the frustrations they face.

Whitepaper: https://eu1.salesforce.com/sfc/p/200000006jH4ZmTrxT0gq6D2bRQ1G91BN8YE8u0=
Tips: https://eu1.salesforce.com/sfc/p/200000006jH4Fo7fBFpY00n0GxnsreBxg5n5Ibg

Published On: 25th Apr 2012 - Last modified: 13th Jun 2018
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