High-Quality Audio 101: Take Control of Voice, Don’t Let Voice Take Control of You – Webinar

The digital transformation within contact centers continues to rise and voice-based interactions remain a key communication channel for customers within an omni-channel strategy.

More and more calls are being digitized and call audio is a hugely rich data set – that not only provides actionable insights to help drive agent efficiency, reduce costs, reduce risk but helps overall CX metrics.

However, companies are finding that the quality of insights are often only as good as the quality of the captured call audio. Unfortunately, many contact centers only store highly compressed recordings that result in poor transcriptions and mediocre analytics.

Extracting call recordings out of legacy call recording solutions can be expensive, time-lagged, and with sub-par audio quality. Not only does that increase frustration, but places limitations on the ROI from speech analytics investments.

Join our webinar on September 16, 4pm BST with Pete Ellis from Red Box and Fred Richards from Clarabridge as they discuss:

  • The challenges facing low-quality audio in contact center operations
  • How companies are evolving their call recording technology and analytics to an AI and omni-channel CX hub
  • The importance of partnering with a voice specialist with a customer experience tool to help solve challenges in cost reduction, quality management improvement, risk/compliance and CX metrics

Published On: 10th Sep 2020 - Last modified: 18th Sep 2020
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