Hints and Tips

We have included a range of hints and tips that you may be able to use in your call centre .

1. Improve the teamwork in the call centre

How well do the team leaders really know their teams. On a Tuesday ask your team leaders to tell you what each of their team did at the weekend. Hint. You will be surprised at the results. We have often seen that the best performing team leaders know what all of their teams did, while the lowest performing often had very little idea.

2. Talk about your web site in your on queue messages

By deflecting more callers to your web site you will have shorter queues and longer to speak to the callers that really need your help.

3. Install plasma screens in the call centre

They are a great way of communicating the latest news that is going on in the call centre. You can use them to convey the latest product news as well as news from the outside world. You can use them to relay product hints and tips to your agents.

4. Install a call centre bulletin board on the intranet

Let your agents share their news and frustrations – as well as generating ideas on how things can be improved. One major building society has installed one and have found it very useful in being able to solve some of more complex problems of their customers. It is a great way for your product team to share some of the intricacies of the products without bombarding the whole team with emails.

5. Treat the team

If the weather is hot, buy the team or the whole call centre an ice cream.

A simple gesture and one small way of saying that we appreciate your efforts – particularly if the room is hot.

6. Simplify your reference material

Most reference material is overcomplicated. When you are on a call and need to solve a problem or query, you need the information to be as simple as possible to follow.

7. Consider multi-skilling as many agents as possible

Multi-skilling can be a huge benefit to increasing staff retention, but don’t force agents into it. Some agents will love to take one type of call, some will like variety. Let the agent decide which type of calls they would like to take. It can create some management difficulties, but it is worth the effort. We hope that these tips have worked well for you.

If you have any other ideas, why not add them in at the bottom of the article.

Published On: 1st Sep 2005 - Last modified: 22nd Mar 2017
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