How to Self-Serve Your Customers Through WhatsApp Messenger – Webinar

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Think of your chatbot as your most efficient contact centre agent. The agent that solves all your customer questions and gets the job done. Now, picture this assistant even more versatile than it is already, with 24-hour access through every smartphone device on the planet, in the hands of your customers…

In this free and live webinar, we’ll cover:

  • Self-serving customer questions.
  • Efficiency of using our chatbot engine.
  • Using automation tools to fulfil web-service requests such as “where is my order?”
  • How to hand over from chatbot on Whatsapp to a live agent, in the same conversation window.

Join the Inbenta UK team on Wednesday 21st October at 10:30am GMT (11:30am CEST)

Sam Boyle, General Manager (UK)

Since joining Inbenta in 2015, Sam has been tasked with bringing Inbenta’s unique approach to natural language processing to the UK market. He has a background in modern languages and possesses extensive experience within digital self-service and conversational AI.

Tom Greenwood, Senior Account Executive (UK)

Born in the United Kingdom, Tom studied International Business, an EPAS accredited degree at Nottingham Trent University, before venturing off for a career in the technology sector in Barcelona. He joined Inbenta in 2017 working for Inbenta UK.

Published On: 5th Oct 2020 - Last modified: 23rd Oct 2020
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