How to Successfully Connect Your Hybrid Workforce

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27th January 2022, at 10:00 AM GMT / 11:00 AM CET

Sign up for this one-hour virtual panel discussion to hear knowledgeable insights and ask any questions to ensure you have the tools needed to move your company into an effective hybrid working mode.

In this virtual panel discussion Jabra and our strategic partners Microsoft, Lenovo and Clevertouch, along with customer KPMG, will talk about the importance of adopting a hybrid working culture now, how organisations can successfully bridge the gap between the office-based, hybrid and home worker, what workspaces are most beneficial for different tasks, why collaboration is important for both worker productivity and customer experience and how technology can effectively connect a dispersed workforce now and in the future.

As early as 2015, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said, “Work is no longer a place you go to – work is about making things happen where you are.” He understood that the future of work is hybrid, but wouldn’t see this really come to fruition until 2020 – and well, we all know what happened then.

The stats pick up the story in 2021 – 90% of executives envision a hybrid working model going forward and 68% of employees believe that the ideal work week includes a hybrid of working from home and an office. Therefore there’s no ignoring the urgent need for all organisations to create and implement a hybrid working strategy to keep staff loyal and productive and to protect the bottom line.

Published On: 17th Jan 2022 - Last modified: 28th Jan 2022
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