Natterbox Joins Salesforce Communities

Natterbox has announced that it will be the first telephony provider available through Salesforce Community Cloud.

This will transform the way businesses communicate with partners, customers and employees, using Community Cloud for greater insight into their ecosystems activities.

At a time when the demand for return on investment has never been higher, the news means that Salesforce customers can now extend their CTI investment in Natterbox to their full business ecosystem.

For example, this means that if the customer generates leads, any telemarketing activity their franchises or partners undertake as part of their follow-up can now be captured and tracked directly in Salesforce, alongside other marketing actions.

Also, customers will now be able to get a complete picture of how their marketing and lead generation investment is paying off with deeper data insights.

The market demand is such that Natterbox already has one customer signed up for a fourteen-country roll-out, with more in the pipeline.

Neil Burgess, CTO at Natterbox, said: “Having a better understanding of the activity behind outputs is something our customers have been calling out for, for a while.”

“In the past, significant sums of money might be spent on generating leads which are then shared with dealers, franchises or partners, with little in the way of structured accountability.”

“Now, with the first integration of telephony into Salesforce Communities, customers can share, control and have greater visibility of how their community uses voice to follow up on leads.”

“This enhanced accountability will lead to better marketing investment decisions backed by trusted data.”

The Natterbox CTI application will sit in the Community Cloud, allowing customers to quickly enable the service for their network as they require, including limiting or extending access depending on their requirements.

Natterbox’s integrated position within Salesforce meant that it was able to develop the functionalities customers were asking for, fully integrated with the CRM.

As Neil notes: “Other providers appear to have struggled to deliver this. We’ve been able to do it faster and better, and be first to market, due to the early design decisions that were made to align our entire telephony platform with Salesforce, which are now paying dividends.”

The Natterbox application is now available to Natterbox customers in Salesforce Communities. To find out more, visit:

Published On: 24th Sep 2018 - Last modified: 2nd Oct 2018
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