New approaches to managing performance

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The Planning Forum have been proposing two new approaches to managing performance – Customer Feedback and Calibration.

In a policy paper published this month by the Professional Planning Forum, three companies highlight their approaches to managing performance.

Customer Feedback

Brilliance: a survey tool that enables the company’s contact centres to collect feedback from customers – regardless of which channel they choose to communicate through – by asking them how service could be improved.

The collection of up to 83,000 surveys and verbatims every month, together with individually tailored coaching sessions and more targeted bonuses, has pushed agent performance up by 12% to date. Critically, it has also increased the business’s net promoter scores (NPS) by 27 points.


In a contact centre environment Calibration is defined as evaluating and, where necessary, adjusting performance benchmarks. This is a technique that has been deployed at F&C investments and Prolog.  Prolog actively worked with clients to ascertain where the performance bar could and should be raised, and by coaching its staff through the changes required, has achieved cumulative quality gains of 6.1% and 10.9% in two different instances.

Colin Whelan

Colin Whelan

Colin Whelan of the Professional Planning Forum explains: “Businesses are moving away from empirical datasets and focusing instead of sensory – quality-based – datasets. They aren’t doing it on a whim; they aren’t undertaking more rigorous, customer-oriented quality assessment because it’s the “flavour of the month but rather this is 21st-century operational measurement. It’s a new way of doing things that, in my opinion, will just grow and grow.”

Published On: 7th Jul 2010 - Last modified: 22nd Mar 2017
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