New solution stops callers having to repeat themselves

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Telephonetics VIP has revealed further enhancements to its contact centre solution, by bringing an end to repeat questioning of the caller.

It’s a simple fact that callers dislike repeating themselves, it leaves them frustrated.  Being taken through an automated system, asked for various pieces of information and then forwarded to an agent, only to be asked for the same information again is a number one pet hate for virtually everyone.

Craig Scott

Craig Scott

The solution uses call triage to determine the needs of the caller and gather information and rapidly transfer them.  When the caller is connected to an agent the information is also relayed so that the customer does not have to repeat anything and enjoys better service as a result. The information can also be used to pull further details from a CRM or data management system, negating the need to ask further questions which the caller has already answered, repeatedly.  The contact centre also saves agent time because they have no need to spend time asking questions and can get on with giving the caller what they want; first contact resolution and a truly integrated caller experience.

Craig Scott, Chief Technology Officer at Telephonetics VIP comments: “The idea behind call triage is very simple: get the caller to where they want to be, quickly and efficiently; never ask them the same question twice;  and focus on the needs of the caller above all else. We’ve built these concepts into our products so that contact centres can now have a tool that makes this problem (which has plagued the industry for far too long) easy to solve.”

Published On: 3rd Mar 2010 - Last modified: 22nd Mar 2017
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