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A simple customer journey, which causes little effort for your customers, organization and contact centre is the dream.

Yet, “simple” is not so easy to achieve.

Fortunately, this webinar is here to share lots of clever tweaks that you can make to your customer journeys to improve customer experience and simplify life in the contact centre.


  • Introductions – Jonty Pearce, Call Centre Helper
  • Alex Mead, Customer Service Experience Leadership & Transformation
  •  Alex Mead slides from customer journey webinar
Click here to view the slides
  • Annika Björck, Customer Centricity Expert and Lecturer
 Annika Björck slides from customer journey webinar Click here to view the slides
  • Mike Murphy, Genesys
 Mike Murphy slides from customer journey webinar Click here to view the slides
Alex Mead - headshot
Alex Mead
Customer Service Experience Leadership & Transformation
Annika Björck - headshot
Annika Björck
Customer Centricity Expert and Lecturer
Mike Murphy - headshot
Mike Murphy
Jonty Pearce - headshot
Jonty Pearce
Call Centre Helper
What You Will Learn
  • What is causing too much effort for you and your customers?
  • Which processes can be simplified, automated and eliminated?
  • The quick wins in simplifying customer journeys
  • The benefits of reworking your customer journey maps
  • Positive people, process and technology changes
  • Top tips from the audience
  • Winning tip – "Map out your process and over lay customer touch points and then over lay their emotional state at each stage. This will highlight pain points in your process that is driving dis-satisfaction." thanks to Robert25
Original Webinar date: 6th May 2021

Speaker Biographies

Alex Mead | Customer Service Experience Leadership & Transformation Contract

I lead contact centre, customer service & operations teams, driving CX innovation, delivering top class customer experiences, operations efficiency & customer loyalty. CX, UX & CRM Strategy, Digital Transformation & hands-on Leadership

Proven track record of consistent contact centre, customer service operations & CX improvement, often succeeding in high pressure Leadership positions

I transform Customer Experience, driving customer service, operations & contact centre innovation, digital & social media transformation, CRM best practice.

I’m strategic but I also lead & inspire teams across the world as an Executive Customer Operations Leader

I believe Customers should get EPIC Service Experiences; EASY, PERSONALISED, INTUITIVE & CONTEXTUAL

Connect with Alex on Social Media: Linkedin

Annika Björck | CX Heroes

Supporting CX professionals and C-level to be more successful by driving customer centric change is my zone of passion.

Feeling where an organisation is at and putting together the right CX strategy is my zone of genius.

As a mentor I stay in the background because I know that change has to come from inside of an organisation to be successful and long-lasting.

I bring together CX and business performance because I don't believe in flying blind.

I fight for respecting the needs of small and big humans because I firmly believe, that communicating at needs level is the zone for true understanding.

Connect with Annika on Social Media: Linkedin

Mike Murphy | Genesys

Experienced, trusted sales professional with a deliberate focus on customer experience. Passionate about delivering on the improvement promise for my customer. For me, success breeds success that paved my way to a 30+ year sales career across just three employers.

I'd be delighted to engage, if like me you want to bring success to life within your customer experience operations.

Connect with Mike on Social Media: Linkedin | Twitter