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Join us for the webinar - Thu 28th Oct 2021 - 2:00pm UK.
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Customers are becoming more demanding. Customers are changing how they wish to interact. New technologies are constantly emerging.

So, with all these trends, what will the agent of the future look like?

In this webinar we will paint a picture of the future contact centre agent, helping you to better support your team now and prepare for what’s to come.
Peter Massey - headshot
Peter Massey
Bob Stella - headshot
Bob Stella
KBC Bank Ireland
Jay Gupta - headshot
Jay Gupta
Rachael Trickey - headshot
Rachael Trickey
Call Centre Helper
What You Will Learn
  • How customer behaviour is changing
  • The impact of changing consumer habits on the contact centre
  • How these trends (and others) are impacting the agent role
  • What do these trends mean for the future of the contact centre agent?
  • The potential agent job description for 2030
What time is the webinar for me?

Location Time
USA/Canada - Eastern (Boston, New York, Toronto) 9:00am (28th Oct 2021)
USA/Canada - Central (Chicago, Texas) 8:00am (28th Oct 2021)
USA/Canada - Pacific (LA, San Francisco, Vancouver) 6:00am (28th Oct 2021)
United Kingdom/Ireland 2:00pm (28th Oct 2021)
South Africa 3:00pm (28th Oct 2021)
France 3:00pm (28th Oct 2021)
Germany 3:00pm (28th Oct 2021)
India 6:30pm (28th Oct 2021)
Phillipines 9:00pm (28th Oct 2021)
Australia - Perth 9:00pm (28th Oct 2021)
Australia - Sydney 12:00am (29th Oct 2021)
New Zealand - Auckland 2:00am (29th Oct 2021)

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