Webinar Replay: First Contact Resolution - How To Get It Right First Time, Every Time

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Improving First Contact Resolution (FCR) is a great way to measure a problem from the customer’s perspective and to highlight broken contact centre processes.

In this webinar, we shared how to best measure FCR and then highlighting what we can then do with our results to improve contact centre performance.


  • Introductions - Rachael Trickey, Call Centre Helper
  • Nerys Corfield, Injection Consulting
Webinar Slides for Nerys Corfield on First Contact Resolution - is it counting bubbles in the water? Click here to view the slides
  • Jafar Adibi, Talkdesk
Webinar Slides for Jafar Adibi on First Contact Resolution How to get it right first time, everytime Click here to view the slides
Nerys Corfield - headshot
Nerys Corfield
Injection Consulting
Jafar Adibi - headshot
Jafar Adibi
Rachael Trickey - headshot
Rachael Trickey
Call Centre Helper
What You Will Learn
  • Measuring FCR
  • Lowering repeat contacts
  • Reducing customer effort
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • The use of Technology
  • Top Tips from the Audience
  • Winning tip – "As part of the Quality Assurance checks, include 'Did you get this right first time?' as a measure. If the assessor believes they didn't, call the customer back. It avoids another (frustrated) inbound call, leaves a great impact on the customer's impression of the business and makes sure the advisor wants to get it right next time" thanks to Alex42
Original Webinar date: 31st October 2019

Speaker Biographies

Nerys Corfield | Injection Consulting

With over twenty years experience, I know what makes a contact centre run well. Or trip up. That’s why I’m perfectly placed to help customers understand what they’re doing right and what they’re doing wrong. With a no-nonsense, doggedly determined and disarmingly honest approach, I’m adept at giving customers confidence to change and reasons to invest in transformation. And when they’ve bought, I show them how to make the most of their new capabilities for maximum operational improvement.

Connect with Nerys on Social Media: Linkedin | Twitter

Jafar Adibi | Talkdesk

As Head of AI and Data Science, Jafar leads AI for the Talkdesk enterprise contact center platform. Prior to joining Talkdesk, Jafar developed advanced Machine Learning solutions for understanding people behavior and consumer intelligence at PwC, Reunify and Incentica. Jafar holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Southern California and is a recipient of multiple national and international awards.

Connect with Jafar on Social Media: Linkedin | Twitter