Webinar Replay: 7 Key Ways to Lower Average Handling Time

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When Average Handling Time (AHT) decreases, so does your workload capacity, meaning that the number of advisors you need to handle customer contacts falls.

This is great news for cutting costs in the contact centre. However, there are methods of doing this that may harm the quality of your customer service.

With this in mind, we helped you steer clear of these dangerous pitfalls, before sharing seven great techniques for safely lowering AHT.


  • Introductions - Jonty Pearce, Call Centre Helper
  • Kim Ellis, Training Consultant
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  • Will Lusted, Foehn
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Kim Ellis - headshot
Kim Ellis
Training Consultant
Will Lusted - headshot
Will Lusted
Jonty Pearce - headshot
Jonty Pearce
Call Centre Helper
What You Will Learn
  • Rethinking AHT in the contact centre
  • Improving processes to lower talk time
  • Reducing hold time and contact transfers
  • Supporting advisors to speed-up wrap time
  • The tools that can help you on your way
  • Top tips from the audience
  • Winning tip – "Measure customer handling time as well as average call handling time. This gives the overall effort time per customer combining AHT & FCR. This shows any overall effort impacts if you concentrate on reducing individual call time (this may impact calls per customer." thank to Allan5
Original Webinar date: 23rd January 2020

Speaker Biographies

Kim Ellis | Training Consultant

I have over 13 years worth of experience in contact centre training across numerous industries.

I work with companies like yours to transform your staff’s learning experience. Working with you and your staff, I will develop your face to face, virtual and digital learning programmes.

My aim is to get your people trained to an excellent standard. I understand the need to have your staff be the best they can be as quickly as possible, and to set a framework for continuous improvement by building self paced learning modules and coaching frameworks.

Connect with Kim on Social Media: Linkedin | Twitter

Will Lusted | Foehn

Senior Business Development Manager at Foehn

Connect with Will on Social Media: Linkedin | Twitter