Webinar Replay: A Smarter Approach to Contact Centre QA

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A smart approach to quality assurance (QA) can positively change advisor behaviour, motivate the team and measure customer experience. It goes way beyond ensuring compliance.

But, how can we ensure that we are gaining all of these benefits in our contact centre?

Well, fortunately this webinar is here to help, as we share some great methods for modernising your QA strategy, getting the best balance between man and machine for the benefit of both your contact centre team and your customers.


  • Introductions – Rachael Trickey, Call Centre Helper
  • Daniel Ord, OmniTouch International
 Daniel Ord slides from QA webinar Click here to view the slides
  • Tom Vander Well, Intelligentics
 Tom Vander Well, slides from QA webinar Click here to view the slides
Daniel Ord - headshot
Daniel Ord
OmniTouch International
Tom Vander Well - headshot
Tom Vander Well
Rachael Trickey - headshot
Rachael Trickey
Call Centre Helper
Topics to be discussed
  • What does the future of QA look like?
  • Smart tactics to improve contact centre QA
  • Automating the right parts of your QA strategy
  • Using QA to measure customer emotion
  • Top tips to improve quality monitoring
  • Winning tip – We don't share scores with agents any longer and only coach on behaviors. Scores are used for helping us recognize learning opportunities "thanks to Renee3."
Original Webinar date: 30th April 2020

Webinar Timeline

0:22: Introductions – Rachael Trickey, Call Centre Helper
3:01: Poll with results from the audience. Asking "How Would Your Advisors Rate Your Quality Scoring System?"
4:37: Daniel Ord, OmniTouch International Presentation
31:25: Take-aways from Daniel's presentation
32:22: Quiz
35:27: Top Tips, Opinions and Questions from the audience
38:53: Poll with results from the audience. Asking "What is Your Biggest Challenge with Quality Scoring?"
41:08: Tom Vander Well, Intelligentics Presentation
59:01: Top Tips, Opinions and Questions from the audience
1:02:18: Winning Tip

Speaker Biographies

Daniel Ord | OmniTouch International

I’m an American national with 30 years in the Contact Center & CX industry.

After founding my company OmniTouch in 2001, I've spent 19 years facilitating workshops around the world to help & inspire people to deliver better Contact Center & Customer Experience outcomes.

What I’m really good at is getting people equipped, excited & inspired to do their CX, Contact Center & Customer Service jobs better.

From senior management through to frontline Agents. From 'newbies' to folks with 20 years or more of experience. And whether with 5 people around a table or hundreds of audience members at a conference.

Credentials-wise I’m a CXPA Recognised Training Provider and help people earn their CCXP certification and develop their competency in CX.

And I’m also a globally recognised Contact Center expert with 30 years of management, consulting & especially training in Centers around the world.

What that means for my Clients is that I have the expertise to address either or both the Contact Center ecosystem and the Customer Experience ecosystem.

Connect with Daniel on Social Media: Linkedin