Webinar Replay: What Does a Super-Agent Look Like?

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Imagine having a contact centre full of high-performing super-agents. That would be great, wouldn't it?

But, there are too many things that get in your way, like attrition, budget restraints and recruitment difficulties, aren't there?

Well, not necessarily.

In this webinar we shared a realistic vision of what a super-agent might look like in your contact centre and suggest what you can do to bring that vision to life.


  • Introductions – Charlie Mitchell, Call Centre Helper
  • Garry Gormley, FAB Solutions
 Garry Gormley slides from Super Agents webinar Click here to view the slides
  • Jason Griffin, CallMiner
 Jason Griffin slides from Super Agents webinar Click here to view the slides
Garry Gormley - headshot
Garry Gormley
FAB Solutions
Jason Griffin - headshot
Jason Griffin
Five9 EMEA
Charlie Mitchell - headshot
Charlie Mitchell
Call Centre Helper
What You Will Learn
  • Our vision of a contact centre super-agent
  • The qualities of a modern-day super-agent
  • Coaching super-agent skills
  • Equipping a super-agent to boost performance
  • Creating a culture for super-agents to thrive
  • Top tips from the audience
  • Winning tip – "Buddy system - pair a new hire with a super agent as a buddy system. Mentoring, guidance, encouragement, training, socialization within the team and company." thanks to Mark105
Original Webinar date: 3rd September 2020

Webinar Timeline

0:15: Introductions – Charlie Mitchell, Call Centre Helper
4:43: Garry Gormley, FAB Solutions Presentation
11:56: Poll with results from the audience. Asking "What is the Average Cost to Replace a Disengaged Employee in the Contact Centre?"
21:01: Poll with results from the audience. Asking "What Percentage of Customers Would be Willing to Pay More for an Excellent Customer Experience?"
24:07: Take-aways from Garry's presentation
25:45: Quiz
30:23: Top Tips, Opinions and Questions from the audience
34:27: Jason Griffin, Five9 EMEA Presentation
43:05: Poll with results from the audience. Asking "On a Scale of One to Five, How Important is Customer Service in Building Brand Loyalty? "
51:47: Top Tips, Opinions and Questions from the audience
1:00:44: Winning Tip

Speaker Biographies

Garry Gormley | FAB Solutions

The contact centre specialist

Helping contact centres improve their bottom line and become more effective through process improvement, people capability and leadership development delivering an improved customer experience

Connect with Garry on Social Media: Linkedin

Jason Griffin | Five9 EMEA

Experienced Solutions Consultant with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry and customer contact industry. Skilled in Workforce Management, Contact Centers, Management, Customer Service, Customer Experience, Interactive Management, Cloud, SaaS and all things dialler and customer contact related

Connect with Jason on Social Media: Linkedin | Twitter