Webinar Replay: Metrics - Surpassing Industry Standards

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Wouldn't it be nice to improve your Customer Satisfaction Scores, boost your First Contact Resolution Rates and optimize your Service Level?

Of course it would!

In this webinar, we will show you how to do just that - taking a look at some of the industry's most widely used-metrics and presenting tried-and-tested methods of surpassing their industry standards.


  • Introductions – Charlie Mitchell, Call Centre Helper
  • Miguel Caetano, Talkdesk
 Miguel Caetano slides from metrics webinar Click here to view the slides
  • Jason Roberts, Appropriate Consulting Limited
 Jason Roberts slides from metrics webinar Click here to view the slides
  • Katy Forsyth, Red Recruitment
 Katy Forsyth slides from metrics webinar Click here to view the slides
Jason Roberts - headshot
Jason Roberts
Appropriate Consulting Limited
Katy Forsyth - headshot
Katy Forsyth
Red Recruitment
Miguel Caetano - headshot
Miguel Caetano
Charlie Mitchell - headshot
Charlie Mitchell
Call Centre Helper
What You Will Learn
  • What are the industry standards for key metrics?
  • How can you increase performance across these metrics?
  • The latest thinking on metrics
  • How to measure the right things
  • Is it time to rethink certain metrics?
  • Top tips from the audience
  • Winning tip – "We created a call evaluation form where empathy is one of the key factors, we decided on the measures by using call examples to create a benchmark. Involved the team in this as they are ones who take the calls. Every call is different so it's about having a mutual understanding of expectations - coaches also collaborate when evaluations for consistency. Please could you let us know if you would prefer chocolates or champagne and could we have your address so we can send this to you?" Thanks to louise28

Original Webinar date: 21st January 2021

Webinar Timeline

0:22: Introductions – Charlie Mitchell, Call Centre Helper
5:13: Miguel Caetano, Talkdesk Presentation
18:02: Top Tips, Opinions and Questions from the audience
23:37: Poll with results from the audience. Asking "Who Determines Which Metrics You Follow in the Contact Centre? "
25:50: Jason Roberts, Appropriate Consulting Limited Presentation
35:18: Take-aways from Jason's presentation
37:01: Quiz
41:03: Katy Forsyth, Red Recruitment Presentation
53:02: Take-aways from Katy's presentation
54:36: Top Tips, Opinions and Questions from the audience
1:02:03: Winning Tip

Speaker Biographies

Jason Roberts | Appropriate Consulting Limited

Over 30 years experience across Retail, Logistics, Customer Operations, Strategy Development, Procurement and Large scale Contact Centre Leadership, across both outsourced and in house operations.

Driving thought leadership in the role of colleagues alongside digital innovation with a passion to do the right thing for our customers, I am known across the Contact Centre industry for challenging businesses to build a clear and engaging people plan, building retention and improving CX measures against a balance of tight cost control.

Connect with Jason on Social Media: Linkedin

Katy Forsyth | Red Recruitment

Owner/Director of Red and Director of the South West Contact Centre Forum. Previous Council Member of The REC (Recruitment and Employment Confederation).

Red is a high quality, national contact centre recruitment business. I am a keen promoter of, and consultant to contact centres. Responsible for providing regional and UK contact centre market information, salary surveys, demographic reports and general industry overviews to Red's clients and Forum members alik

Connect with Katy on Social Media: Linkedin | Twitter

Miguel Caetano | Talkdesk

Miguel is a Senior Product Manager at Talkdesk. Driven by his passion for technology, his work focuses on maximising the power of data, analytics and Artificial Intelligence to reimagine customer experiences and create magical customer service moments.

He has spent the last 8 years working in tech, driving innovation across organisations.

Connect with Miguel on Social Media: Linkedin | Twitter