For over ten years, market-leading Opinion8 has been enabling organisations to measure customer and employee satisfaction. Contact centres in both the public and private sectors benefit from our Voice of the Customer and Voice of the Employee automated surveys.


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Are your customers happy? Happy customers remain customers and recommend your business to others. Successful businesses strive hard to ensure that they respond to their customers’ feedback and work tirelessly at improving their service.

Knowing what your customers want can sometimes feel like an exercise in speculation but it doesn’t have to. We are experts in measuring customer satisfaction and helping organisations determine what their customers think.

Our automated survey system gathers accurate, real time feedback in a cost-effective manner. Whether your customers contact you by phone, email or via a website, Opinion8’s automated surveys can collate your customers’ opinions.

Opinion8’s survey system has no geographical constraints and can be conducted in any language. It requires minimal input from your employees and can run around the clock. The survey data is available instantly and can be seen in its raw form or analysed via a multitude of reports and graphs. You also have the opportunity to flag to managers any scores that fall below certain thresholds so that immediate recovery action can be undertaken.

Put yourself in the picture with Opinion8’s omnichannel surveying system and learn the most valuable lesson you can learn today – what your customers really think!

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