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Dialler MIS

Outbound Management Information (MIS)

There is a wide range of Management Information available with most technology platforms. This typically comes in two main forms:

Real time

This is up-to-the minute information about the status of campaigns, number of calls, abandon rates, number of agents available, etc. The look and feel of the real-time MIS provided varies amongst different dialler suppliers. A typical example of MIS at a campaign level is illustrated below.

You can also expect real-time MIS to show you how your agent teams and individual agents are performing (illustrated below).

Historical reports (Statistics)

Historical reports show events after they have happened. These are useful for showing how service levels have adapted across the day, as well as trends that happen across days, weeks and years.

Historical information is particularly useful to support forward planning – calculating how many agents you need to meet the business need.

You should expect your dialler to provide a range of reports covering campaign performance and agent activity.

It is also very helpful if your dialler has an ‘open’ database allowing you to generate reports to meet your business needs exactly using standard tools (such as Microsoft Excel, illustrated below) to analyse your data.

Making performance visible

Make sure that performance is visible using Management Information

  • Use personal wallboards to make real-time performance visible to each agent, allowing them to compare individual performance against their peers
  • Make detailed operational information immediately available to team leaders, supervisors and call centre managers
  • Distribute business outcome data to the wider management and client community


Ken Reid at Rostrvm Solutions and Jonty Pearce

Published On: 28th Mar 2010 - Last modified: 7th Apr 2021
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