Peer feedback: Get one member of the team to quality score calls

You may find that you get much better quality scores if you use a member of the team for quality scoring.

Peer feedback can often work wonders.  Nominate one person in the team to do quality assessment and scoring for the week.  You can then rotate the role so that a different person in the team does this role each week.  At the end of 8 weeks (or however many people there are in the team) the first person then gets to do the role again.

This is a very powerful technique that can often solve problems of conflicts with the quality department.

Published On: 13th Aug 2013 - Last modified: 12th Jul 2017
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  1. Good idea. It also gets the agents more actively involved in the quality process. It may not be possible in all environments, however. In many countries, call recordings and quality scoring is considered to be HR data because it relates to the performance of another employee, so only nominated individuals are legally entitled to have access to it. it might be worth checking the legal implications of such a scheme before you proceed.

    Liam 15 Aug at 12:44 pm
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