Plantronics launches VoIP headset system for Contact Centres

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Plantronics have launched their new VoIP Headset System, the Plantronics IP40.

The first of its kind in the market, the new IP40 is a simplified IP phone for contact centres.

Plantronics IP40 simplifies contact centre desktops and lowers costs by up to €100 (£90) per agent position by eliminating the need for over-featured desk phones with largely redundant interfaces or expensive PC upgrades required to run IP softphones.  As it plugs directly into the Ethernet port, agents no longer need an IP desk phone or softphone to place and receive calls. Unlike a soft phone, the IP40 guarantees audio quality with the voice path being entirely independent of the PC.

Compatible with Contact Centre Applications from most major vendors, the IP40 delivers clear and crisp audio quality, reliability, a small form factor and a competitive price. Complementing flexible working, the IP40 can be used within a call centre or from a remote or home office.

“As the infrastructure in today’s contact centres continues to move towards VoIP and SIP, we recognised a void in the market and the growing need for a more reliable option to deliver these services,” said Philip Vanhoutte, EMEA Managing Director at Plantronics.  “Our new IP40 is a compact, simple-to-use VoIP headset system that has all the advantages of an IP Phone and soft client but none of their disadvantages. To put it simply, it provides all you need and nothing you don’t.”

At INOVO Contact Centre Solutions, where it has already been tested, Eugene Schalkwyk, the Chief Technology Officer, comments “We simply love the IP40, it provides a unique value proposition for any contact centre. It not only significantly reduces complexity for the operator but is very easy to install and maintain. The market has been asking for a unit like this for a long time and we can finally offer a high quality and cost effective SIP device.”

Compatible with Plantronics professional grade headsets, the IP40 features plug-and-play installation, power over Ethernet support and key control buttons right on the device.

The IP40 will be available in June and is priced at €155/ £138 (exc VAT).

Published On: 17th Jun 2009 - Last modified: 11th Sep 2019
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