Put self-help videos up onto YouTube

Here’s a simple tip to help with call avoidance.  Put some self-help videos up onto YouTube.  This could be for something as simple as how to read your bills or how to construct some of your products.

Have a look through your Frequently Asked Questions and see if any of these can be made into a video.

It does not have to be expensive and you can get your staff involved in the whole shooting and editing process.

Published On: 7th Jan 2013 - Last modified: 9th Nov 2020
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  1. I recently got introduced to walkme.com they guide the user through the website. i found videos to be time consuming and it didnt really help . i had to watch the video a few times in order to “get it”

    WalkMe is like the FAQ’s but they occur as you have the query.

    Sarah Smith 8 Jan at 11:51 am
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