Answers: Do I Try the Landline or Mobile First?

Can anyone could share some best practice around dialing dual customer numbers i.e. mobile and landline. We have just started supplying both to our outsourced call centre and need a effective algorithm that will drive efficiencies and performance i.e. Do you try mobile first for five attempts and then switch to landline etc…

Many thanks

Answer 1:

Unfortunately there is no simple answer to the question. The answer will depend on the customer profile/line of business/application. For example, if you are a pay as you go mobile telephony supplier and your customers are mainly young, you might only call mobile numbers. You might also consider what time is best to call what type of number. Hence, you may well need to analyse call effectiveness, using a range of tools and techniques from tick-sheets to sophisticated software solutions. A good outbound solution will have some capability to help you learn from your experience.

Answer thanks to Mike Boyle. 

Published On: 20th Mar 2009 - Last modified: 19th Sep 2019
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