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Greg asked 6 days ago

Hi there,

Could you please suggest me how to START doing outbound calls?

We have nothing at the moment, just a lot of contacts. Is it possible to do that without buying phones and installing other physical stuff?

Could we use just a computer with a headsets and do 100+ calls a day without the phone using cloud or something like that.

As you can see we have no experience at all here.. Installing all the stuff looks too complicated comparing with just having a software and calling with the help of internet..

Do you have any suggestions?

2 Answers
Mark Cartwright answered 4 days ago

FIrst off, you can start by checking out different PBX/VoIP providers in the market. There’s a long list of these phone system providers that operate without a need to install hard phones/physical phones. Examples of these systems are PBXinaFlash, RingCentral, 8 x 8 etc.
I’m sure you’ve heard of these companies before, somehow. So take a look at the different lists of PBX listed on sites like Capterra. Do you have a CRM In place, too? If you do, it would help to choose a PBX that’s compatible with your current CRM. But just in case, your CRM doesn’t support the phone system of your choice, you can simply get a CTI Chrome extension like Tenfold to sync both systems. Doing so will ensure that your team maximizes the features of your CRM and VoIP/PBX system.

Greg answered 4 days ago

Im ultra thankful for your answer sir! Thank you for your time 🙂

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