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Calculation to Forecast Abandoned Rates (or Call Handled / Capacity)

QuestionsCategory: Forecasting and SchedulingCalculation to Forecast Abandoned Rates (or Call Handled / Capacity)
Sanjay Patel asked 2 weeks ago


I have a excel based formula that forecasts the capacity to handle at interval level although it seems quite different to what we see in the WFM systems.

Can anyone share one they currently use?

1 Answers
Kory Gage answered 7 days ago

So, you are wanting to predict what your abandonment rate would be based on how your staffing compares to your forecasted volumes?
I have done something like that before.  I believe I did a regression analysis to see the inverse correlation between Occupancy and Abandons (did the same with SL’s and ASA’s and such as well).
So, you take your historical abandon % at various historical Occupancy levels.  Hopefully there is a strong inverse correlation between the two so you can predict one by knowing the other.
So, if you can predict how busy your agents will be, you are then predicting what % of your calls are abandoned.

You predict how busy your agents will be by taking the number of agent FTE you will have on the phones (taking into account shrinkage) and compare that to the estimated talk time you are predicting. Or something similar to that.

Hope that helps.

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