eBook: How Voice Biometrics Can Improve the Customer Experience

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Asking knowledge-based authentication questions takes time — for some organisations, between two and seven minutes. It makes contact centre agents feel like interrogators, and it makes them fear the consequences of failing to spot a criminal.

The result is a long Average Handle Time (AHT), and unhappy, anxious agents. Which, as you can imagine, are the last things that anyone charged with running an efficient and productive contact centre wants to see.

Slow, difficult authentication experiences also frustrate your customers. They generate complaints—these days, often aired publicly over social media—and your organisation must devote time and resources to responding with due sensitivity and speed. Worse still, a customer’s frustration can cause them to leave your brand for good.

This eBook looks at the benefits you could gain by switching to a simpler, more secure authentication process, based on voice biometrics.
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