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Rostrvm Solutions has teamed up with Knowledge Powered Solutions Ltd (KPS) to provide an answer to the problem of the agent not having all of the information they need to help the caller.

Rostrvm’s CallGuide, which integrates with multiple desktop applications so agents are served with all the information they need via a single screen, generates context-sensitive scripts.  Through the partnership, CallGuide can now deliver KPS’s ‘Knowledge Management’ system to the desktop.

KPS provides a knowledge management system called ‘Universal’. This helps agents to find the answer to customers’ questions quickly and easily through a natural language search (they ask a question in their own words).  Not only that but it allows the capture of tacit knowledge that resides inside employees’ heads, allowing users to share and collaborate more effectively.

Sue Waller, Business Development Manager at KPS, said, “Through Universal, KPS has achieved 70% reduction in call escalations to second line agents and 20% increases in first call resolution rates in in-bound customer service environments.  Universal leverages the existing information available in a business, so you don’t have to migrate any data into a new system; you keep it in its original place – databases, file shares, html, etc.”

Andy Willson of Rostrvm Solutions said, “CallGuide with Universal enables the agent to be more efficient and productive and provides substantial savings in the time taken for employees or customers and partners to find relevant information. Ultimately, this can result in significant cost savings – not to mention happier customers!”

Published On: 2nd Nov 2011 - Last modified: 22nd Mar 2017
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