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Here are Typical Results from the Day Planner

You can update the form above to get your own personalised Erlang calculations across the whole of the day.

14 Agents (Maximum) 11 Agents (Average) 71 Calls per Hour (Maximum) 1000 Calls Per Day

Our day planner function shows you a typical distribution of calls per day across the whole day, based on our analysis of multiple contact centres. You would require a Maximum of 14 Agents and an Average of 11 Agents when shrinkage is taken into account.

Assumptions: 1000 calls per 10 hours - - AHT 157 seconds - 80 % Answered in 20 seconds - Shrinkage 35 % - Max Occupancy 85 %.

In a typical Contact Centre environment contacts are not evenly distributed across the day.

Maximum Calls per Period 71
Maximum Number of Agents 14
Average Number of Agents 11
Average Occupancy 61%
Service Level for Day 86.8%
Answered in 20 Seconds
Average Speed of Answer (ASA) 10.9 Seconds
Answered Immediately 81.2%

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