New Update of Plantronics Manager Pro Released

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Plantronics has announced a new version of its Plantronics Manager Pro cloud software along with partner momentum in adopting Polycom Device Management Services (PDMS-SP) cloud solution.

Both moves highlight the ways in which Plantronics is adding capabilities through cloud-based data and analytics to strengthen the ability of information technology (IT) professionals and service providers to get the most out of its intelligent communications and collaboration endpoints.

Plantronics Manager Pro v3.12 is the latest version of the industry-leading cloud solution designed for IT professionals. This software allows enterprise IT managers to administer and support audio devices from a central location.

Also, this product empowers IT decision making by providing valuable insights that ensure consistent and exemplary communication and audio performance.

This new release expands device support with the latest Plantronics enterprise headsets, Savi 8200 Series and Voyager 4200 UC Series as well as the My Habitat Soundscaping feature to help IT administrators and employees manage noise and distractions.

In addition to expanding support for devices, this new release adds contextual data points to the critically important insights. IT Pros can equip their entire enterprise with Plantronics data to enhance and improve their employee collaboration experiences.

Plantronics Manager Pro now offers the ability to save, schedule and deliver reports and customers can utilise the newly released Plantronics app for Microsoft Power BI.

“Plantronics Manager Pro v3.12 is another step forward in becoming a business-critical tool for every customer to leverage the power of headsets as true collaboration and productivity tools,” said Tom Wesselman, Vice President and GM of Software Business Unit.

“Our Plantronics Manager Pro cloud solution is helping our customers drive and manage better employee experiences and greater productivity.”

In addition to Plantronics Manager Pro, the Polycom Device Management Service is being leveraged by over 250 service providers around the world with some partners already seeing tremendous results in the first five months of its availability.

Using PDMS-SP allows service providers to incorporate Polycom audio devices and analytics into their customer portal experience.

Service providers benefit from improved uptime and the ability to anticipate and mitigate customer issues, aggregate critical analytical data and customise devices to meet customer needs.

“Polycom desk phones are smart devices using software to enable great employee communication experiences, and with our PDMS-SP cloud solution, we empower service providers with a simple way to centrally manage and gain insights from their Polycom audio devices,” said Shawn Puddester, Vice President at Global Service Providers.

“Our customers and service provider partners are providing great feedback, so we can continue to expand and improve PDMS into the holistic cloud solution they need.”

Published On: 11th Jan 2019 - Last modified: 15th Jan 2019
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