Verint Expands ULTRA Actionable Intelligence Suite

New Analytics Solution Transforms Unstructured Desktop Screen Data into Actionable Intelligence to Optimize Contact Center and Enterprise Performance

Verint Systems Inc. has announced ULTRA IntelliScreen, a new analytical solution for generating actionable intelligence from unstructured data displayed on desktop screens.

IntelliScreen is the latest addition to the ULTRA Analytics suite consisting of IntelliFind speech analytics and IntelliMiner performance analytics solutions. This powerful trio provides a comprehensive view of business process, customer interactions and performance trends and delivers actionable intelligence about quality and performance issues across the enterprise

“Verint’s ULTRA suite transforms customer interactions and other enterprise data into actionable intelligence that can help drive business improvement,” said Dan Bodner, President and CEO of Verint Systems Inc. “ULTRA IntelliScreen the latest addition to our actionable intelligence portfolio, delivers valuable insight into the ongoing effectiveness of customer operations.”

ULTRA IntelliScreen monitors activity on the desktop screen of a contact center agent or back-office worker and tracks application usage, data entry, and screen content. IntelliScreen then analyzes this data, and can trigger a broad range of actions and alerts based on the resulting intelligence. These alerts can provide insight into operational performance and business process issues, automate agent assistance and trigger target coaching or other actions.

With ULTRA IntelliScreen, enterprise transaction information, such as call outcome or transaction value, is intelligently linked to customer interactions. This data can then facilitate optimization of front office and back office processes, enable targeted data mining of specific transaction types and power more effective speech analysis.

ULTRA’s unique root cause analytics automatically surfaces potential  quality and performance issues that are not yet identified, before they impact operational efficiency or threaten customer satisfaction,continued Bodner, “ULTRA IntelliScreen is designed to help businesses extract actionable intelligence from the screen data captured in their contact centers and other transaction-intensive departments across the enterprise and enables a more intelligent approach to performance management and process optimization initiatives.”

Published On: 6th Feb 2006 - Last modified: 26th Feb 2019
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