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White papers represent a great way to read in depth about some of the issues facing call centres.

Cybercrime is on the rise, and in a business environment where customer calls are ever more sensitive, making valuable conversations secure is vital. Read how Jabra meets this challenge head-on, taking communication security to the next level with the Engage […]

Aspect surveyed the inbound customer service capabilities of 1000+ companies across North America and Europe. See what the “secret shoppers” found out about these companies and where the opportunities lie for those who wish to stand out from the crowd.

Use Case: Improve ability to monitor and train new agents Business Impact: Reduced coaching time, increased number of agents coached each week and improved average sales closing rate.

The shift to cloud is in full swing at an explosive level. Is your organisation ready to follow suit? This ebook is a must-read for leaders who are interested in moving their contact centre to the cloud.

What is the main role of a Chief e(X)perience Officer (CXO)? To make the customer experience a strategic pillar of the company. This white paper looks at the role and asks: does your business need a Chief Experience Officer?

As brands focus on improving the customer experience, incorporating automation into customer interactions is becoming more important. In this white paper, readers will learn about chatbots and intelligent virtual assistants (IVAs) and what should you consider when selecting a solution.

Right now, companies are facing the challenge of a digital transformation and overhauling their organisations with a customer-focused goal in mind – to create a personalised customer experience. What’s your recipe for a successful digital transformation?

One of the biggest pain points in delivering customer service is lack of agent knowledge. This article looks at how a modern knowledge management system can help agents and customers alike.

A great brand story is a powerful marketing tool Download your copy now to learn how the data gathered every day in your contact centre can help you optimise your branding strategy and create brand advocates.

According to a recent study, 67% of customers still prefer to interact with a live agent, whether by phone, email or online chat. This Guide to Omnichannel explores the challenges and opportunities of offering more contact channels while maintaining the […]

Delve into the modern-day contact centre solution with a unified agent desktop to avoid multichannel mayhem. Read the white paper to find out how for successful customer service and seamless experiences, organisations must deploy a single view of the customer.

The CallMiner Index reveals banks are driving customers away for completely avoidable reasons – and it’s costing billions. This white paper reveals that banks come eighth out of eleven sectors for highest churn rates in the CallMiner Index. Read more […]

Customers are highly empowered and digitally savvy, with ever-increasing expectations which make them unforgiving when they receive poor customer service. This white paper looks at how transitioning to an omni-channel operation can help the success of your business and deliver […]

This report shares the state of intraday WFM and planning in the contact center. It is intended to equip contact center leaders with business intelligence and market data to consider when evaluating or evolving their own intraday WFM practices.

Research reveals that cloud deployment of software and services in some form is now a must for contact centres everywhere. This white paper looks at how the cloud can help businesses differentiate themselves from their competitors and better serve their […]

This paper explores the adoption of AI in customer service to date and also where it offers the most benefits. It provides practical guidance for customer service leaders to understand how to best progress your AI projects.

The implications of the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID II) should not be underestimated. Its breadth and depth will impact nearly every facet of financial services, but how will it affect your customers and their overall experience?

What makes a customer experience memorable more than anything else is the emotion felt by the customer. In an economy where it’s become almost impossible to stand out effectively on price and product, positive emotion is more important than ever.

Demand for personalised customer experience is rising, alongside the demand for real-time interactions. It’s no longer enough for customer experience to be simple and fast. Review the combined forces of Salesforce and Natterbox and how they improve customer experience.

New Research on How Technology Affects Customer Loyalty In Calabrio’s latest research report, learn from 3,000 consumers in the US and UK about the customer experience and what motivates customer loyalty.

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