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White papers represent a great way to read in depth about some of the issues facing call centres.

With voice recognition software becoming much more accurate, speech analytics can show substantial economic benefits in literally dozens of areas in your contact centre. This eBook looks at 10 key benefits, which are natural areas to focus on when preparing […]

This white paper gives examples of how organizations have used gamification in contact centres and presents best practices for using gamification to improve contact centre performance.

White Paper Title: Humans and the Robots – Mapping Your Robotic Process Automation Journey Download the toolkit to help guide you towards achieving automation excellence from ‘what is robotic process automation (RPA)?’ right through to identifying automation opportunities, reasons to […]

Contact centres of all sizes need key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics to effectively manage the operating environment. This white paper provides the top KPIs and metrics and explains how to use them to build an engaged workforce that delivers […]

This white paper describes how speech analytics solutions that combine speech-to-text with natural language understanding (NLU) can extract a wealth of information from every single interaction with customers.

Amy Scott produced this guide to explain what service design is and how it can help you deliver outstanding customer experiences.

The following white paper focuses on how staffing can be monitored, measured and automatically managed to immediately impact ROI. Substantiated by hard numbers, it draws on thought leadership to illustrate the immediate operational value of proactive staffing in five key […]

A customer’s only interaction with a company is often through the contact centre, and in most cases, it’s to resolve an issue. While quick resolution is critical, it’s vital for brands to deliver a good experience.

40% of consumers have abandoned a company for one of their competitors due to sub-par customer service. Organizations should, therefore, be focusing on how to get better at assuring quality customer service.

This white paper provides actionable steps to move the needle on CX improvement, describes how analytics can help you home in, and explains how critical customer emotion is for retention and engagement.

This guide has all the information you need to develop effective omnichannel customer support that will continually improve your customer experience and your contact centre.

This white paper provides insight and practical suggestions on how to design an effective contact strategy based on modalities (voice, text, video) and engagement options (live assistance, self-service, proactive service).

White Paper Title: How Is Diversity Helping Businesses Deliver Great Customer Service? With insight from Helen Gillet, Managing Director of Affinity for Business, and Petra Mengelt, Head of B2B Business Relations at Mash, we explore how championing a culture of […]

This white paper draws on research and thought leadership from Harvard Business Review, Gallup, the Society for Human Resource Management, and more to demonstrate how advanced proactive employee management solutions such as EEM deliver ROI by creating satisfied and engaged […]

This white paper will share insight into the three key ways you can achieve more from your contact centre workforce and reach your financial goals – creating a virtual workforce, maximizing agent productivity and leveraging self-service whenever possible.

Most contact centres operate with the goal of delivering exceptional customer experiences, but how many achieve that objective? This step-by-step resource will enable your organization to build incremental CX improvements by integrating your people, process, and technology more strategically.

This white paper provides insight and practical suggestions for how to design an effective contact strategy based on modalities (voice, text, video) and engagement options (live assistance, self-service, proactive service).

Our white paper explores the benefits and limitations of network monitoring, and reveals how you can gain full line of sight of your numbers’ performance, from the outside-in.

Virtual assistants are a white-hot topic nowadays. However, if you look beyond the hype, success stories are few and far between. Forrester’s latest research predicts a chatbot backlash this year. Here are 11 mistakes to avoid.

Today’s customers demand more . . . and less Read on to learn how one organization leveraged gamification technology to creatively reduce employee attrition across the ever-changing generational spectrum and used those recouped savings to fuel their growth.

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