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White papers represent a great way to read in depth about some of the issues facing call centres.

Virtual assistants are a white-hot topic nowadays. However, if you look beyond the hype, success stories are few and far between. Forrester’s latest research predicts a chatbot backlash this year. Here are 11 mistakes to avoid.

Today’s customers demand more . . . and less Read on to learn how one organization leveraged gamification technology to creatively reduce employee attrition across the ever-changing generational spectrum and used those recouped savings to fuel their growth.

Unreliable forecasts that fail to accurately model the conditions of a contact centre can have undesirable effects on workforce schedules and service levels. This forecasting tool with artificial intelligence provides staffing levels and budgeting that are more accurate than those […]

What is the role of contact centre technology and how can it help? The role of the contact centre is evolving rapidly. Businesses are finding innovative ways to use the vast amounts of data produced in their contact centre environments. […]

To build around a new employee engagement initiative in your organization, it can be helpful to prepare the right data for internal conversations. The research compiled draws on Forbes, Harvard Business Review, Gallup and other publications to provide a starting […]

White Paper Title: Smart Customer Experience Strategies for Increasing Contact Centre Profits This e-book discusses why customer experience is now an essential business strategy no contact centre can ignore. It will also break down what contact centre leaders can do […]

The guide tackles customer journey mapping. It is a technique that is growing in popularity, not only in the contact centre but also with customer experience, marketing and customer service professionals.

It’s estimated that businesses today collectively lose $62 billion per year due to poor customer service. To get some deeper insight, we surveyed over 100 UK contact centre professionals about their contact centre conundrums.

Have you fallen into some bad habits when it comes to customer service in your contact centre, or are you missing out on new opportunities for service?

In conversation with Tom Vickers, UK Customer Service Country Manager for Audible, we explore how the audio entertainment brand is creating a culture that enables its agents to initiate and engage in natural interactions through the art of listening.

In this guide, we’ll discuss everything you need to know to perform call centre quality assurance and make your process more efficient and more profitable.

Title: Using PrediCX to Reduce Helpdesk Costs While Improving Service Levels Helpdesk can be as large and complex as any external CRM, and keeping down costs whilst keeping up service levels are high priorities. Read on to learn how Warwick […]

To obtain better customer insight and optimize their processes, Equiniti implemented Nexidia, a speech analytics solution delivered by workforce optimization experts Business Systems (UK) Ltd. The solution has been successfully embedded into their organization for a number of years and […]

Sheila McGee-Smith highlights the experiences of four companies as they moved their contact centres to the cloud. Her research provides real-world insight on driving factors in moving to the cloud, future plans, and lessons learned from businesses who have made […]

Title: Why Emotional Connections Are Vital to Delivering Outstanding Customer Experiences In this guide we look at the importance of positive emotions in delivering a great customer experience. This is an area where the industry as a whole is failing […]

With 90% of the data in the world today being created in the last two years, it’s no wonder digital transformation is ushering in an era of unprecedented change for businesses. This creates numerous challenges and opportunities for all types […]

In today’s fast-paced world, customers expect the efficiency they are used to accessing in everyday life to be just as relevant when communicating with brands, products and services. This white paper shares advice from four industry experts on introducing chatbot […]

Unified communications (UC) is a toolset that enables your employees to collaborate and work better together, giving your business the ability to successfully transform in the digital age. This eBook looks at the benefits of UC in reducing costs and improving […]

Title: Uncovering Hidden Profit for Global Telco From Social Media Data The UK telco market is mature and highly competitive, with four mobile networks and more virtual players. Warwick Analytics applied its PrediCX software to publicly available customer data. Read […]

Blending can be seen as the latest stage in the evolution of workforce optimization (WFO) strategies for improving the customer experience. Originating in customer-facing operations like the contact centre, workforce optimization uses data and technology to marshal resources more efficiently, […]

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