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White papers represent a great way to read in depth about some of the issues facing call centres.

Historically, many companies have used spreadsheets to track and analyse call centre performance against KPIs and other metrics. Here is our guide to understanding and implementing quality assurance (QA) tactics in the call centre for improved performance, compliance, and, ultimately, […]

How do you pick the right solution provider, succeed in your initiative, and avoid holding the bag? This best-practice article shares some traps to watch out for as you set out to achieve your seemingly impossible mission.

In this paper, we demonstrate how advances in speech and language processing coupled with AI-driven speech analytics can provide customer-engagement insights. As a result, you will be able to implement recommendations to improve customer satisfaction, and to transform your organisation.

With automation and artificial intelligence (AI), customer service operations become more efficient. This report looks at ways to fundamentally transform operations with AI, major shifts in agent workforce and the evolution of super-agents and how to improve your bottom line.

Unexpected downtime is a potential problem for any contact centre, whether it’s a natural disaster, localised power outage, or system failure. This eBook explores the real cost of downtime and its impact across the business, employee and customer experience.

Network Homes introduced a suite of Bright products to benchmark its performance metrics, monitor customer satisfaction and to understand employees. This case study shows how insights led to exceeded CSAT targets, improvements in agent utilisation and increased employee engagement.

NICE have been named as a Leader in the Magic Quadrant for Workforce Engagement Management. This report points to several key strengths that warrant NICE’s recognition as a Leader.

Millennial workers stay with an organisation just over a year on average. This white paper looks at the reasons why and how you can offer better flexibility, increase long-term engagement and satisfaction to ultimately reduce turnover.

Customer Satisfaction remains the king of contact centre metrics. In this new white paper, Puzzel outlines five positive strategies to drive efficient and effective customer service in contact centres.

British businesses are driving customers away for completely avoidable reasons. And it’s costing them billions! This study looks at the essential practices every call centre should have in place to listen and engage appropriately to create a better customer experience.

This report will show you how to sift through applicant files to find employees who have existing skills as well as how to train your present staff to embody these characteristics.

Workforce blending suggests that the barriers between front and back office should be torn down, and the skills and responsibilities be shared more equally. This paper explores how blending can be seen as the latest stage in the evolution of […]

NICE inContact commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a study and examine the potential return on investment (ROI) enterprises may realise by deploying NICE inContact CXone in their contact centres.

5CA decided their existing Quality Assessment solution was too rigid to accommodate the myriad changes in their business. 5CA has a keen focus on QA, and uses Scorebuddy as their QA tool.

Contact centres have long accepted discrepancies between forecasts and actual staffing needs as a reality of the industry. This report shares how with NICE EEM, contact centres can unlock the ability to optimise staffing, reduce attrition and achieve operational efficiency.

Looking for an independent assessment of the leading cloud contact centre vendors? Forrester Research has evaluated the main players for you, with Serenova highlighted as a Strong Performer.

Throughout September and October 2018, Call Centre Helper readers were invited to take part in our annual contact centre survey. We asked 45 questions to over 350 contact centre professionals to gather our greatest ever overview of the contact centre […]

In its third instalment, Opus Research provides a comprehensive buying guide detailing 26 solution providers for enterprise intelligent assistants.

With renewed focus on Artificial intelligence applications for business, this report shares how with NICE WFM, the machine takes on the tasks of learning each environment and applying intelligence that exceeds the human capacity to process.

Studies have shown that it’s emotional satisfaction that is especially important. This white paper looks at emotions, how they influence behaviour, their relevance to customer experience outcomes and specifically how all this translates into the daily life of customer interaction.

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