White Papers

White papers represent a great way to read in depth about some of the issues facing call centres.

Understanding the customer on any channel is becoming the dominant service paradigm. Most companies are beginning to understand the challenges and opportunities. This white paper shares how the omnichannel analytics programme will affect service organisations in 2018 – and beyond.

This white paper looks at the myths around integration with cloud-based contact centres and how a speedy omnichannel response can improve the customer experience.

In a competitive world where customers are volatile, it is difficult for brands to make a difference. Creating emotions makes it possible for brands to make a strategic shift which has benefits for the customer experience.

Gartner has published a Magic Quadrant to analyse the range of competitive offerings to customer service organisations. Read the full report to learn about trends, vendor comparisons and what Gartner says about IFS-mplsystems

Small and medium businesses need powerful communications tools that build customer relationships while making teams more efficient. Welcome to the cloud! This free buyers’ guide explains how a cloud-based contact centre solution can make your business smarter and faster.

Enghouse Interactive surveyed and analysed the view and opinions of 1,000 UK consumers and compared the results with a similar survey carried out in 2014 Download the consumer survey to view information on how organisations can improve their customers’ experience.

This white paper outlines the top reasons to reconsider homeworking as an option for contact centres and reveals some practical tips to overcoming the common challenges associated with remote resources. It also highlights several real-life success stories.

You’ve considered moving your contact centre to the cloud but what’s the day-to-day impact on agents, supervisors and contact centre managers? This white paper shares real-world advice from companies, presented by industry expert Sheila McGee-Smith.

Four ideas on improving quality management in your contact centre. These help to ensure your customers are getting a great customer experience from your agents. This white paper shares how you can achieve that and improve your quality management process.

This eBook presents a series of topics intended to help companies measure Quality Assurance in the call centre and to use these metrics to improve NPS and overall customer experience.

Key performance indicators (KPIs) can be either a framework to customer service success or a ball and chain which removes flexibility and creativity. This white paper looks at KPIs and whether they earn the value that is placed upon them.

Throughout October, Call Centre Helper readers were invited to take part in our annual Contact Centre survey. Over 380 contact centre professionals took part, and we are delighted to share the results with you.

Every organisation wants happy customers and healthy profits to increase their competitive advantage and drive future business growth. This white paper identifies seven major reasons why it pays to invest in cloud technology if you haven’t already done so.

Customer care should be a top priority for businesses, but the value of efficient customer service can’t be overstated. This white paper summarises how with Intelligent Virtual Assistants (IVAs) customers receive both a personal and human experience.

The impact of AI is here to stay. It matters that you are successful and develop a firm foundation to evolve your AI customer service strategy. This white paper looks at how you can introduce AI in your contact centre.

A recent study found that senior executives view customer engagement as more important than increasing profit, customer retention, new customer on-boarding and business growth. Read on to find out if your customer engagement operations has room for improvement.

This “Puzzel Book” focuses on three critical issues facing contact centres today – employee engagement, reducing demand volumes, and automation.

As customer demand and expectations continue to rise, the customer service function comes under increasing pressure to deliver. Here the role of AI will be key in maximising efficiency and productivity. Read this quick guide to understand more.

Customer complaints keep people very busy. Organisations have established complex processes, with specialist teams working to tight protocols and guidelines. This may be an effective way to keep customers happy in the short term, but are organisations missing a trick?

The more you know about your operations, the more you can optimise them. With interaction analytics you can know about your customer interactions with your agents, across all channels. This white paper summarises how you can boost contact centre performance.