White Paper: The Future of IVR Customer Service Assurance

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Consumers today are more socially aware of products and services, and customer retention is critical to profitability since acquiring a new customer is the most expensive phase of the relationship. The challenge businesses face is how to proactively serve their customer in a mutually satisfactory way, with customers feeling empowered to use self-service tools and programs.

The role of the IVR is, in most instances, to “front end” the agent and hopefully enable customers to retrieve information or implement changes to their accounts easily. So, what is the impact the IVR is having on customer service and the customer experience?

Read this white paper to discover:

  • How to automate customer use cases so developers can accelerate releases
  • How to deploy cutting-edge technologies with confidence
  • How to ensure systems are operating as designed and intended
  • How to detect, respond to, and remedy service interruptions and measure their impacts on revenue
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