We asked our panel of experts for their thoughts on the relationship between customer experience (CX) and profitability, before sharing their tips on how to boost both.


CRM and Customer Service should enjoy a hand in glove relationship. Unfortunately, this is seldom optimised the way it should be. Here, Puzzel pinpoint some of the actions you can take, creating greater value in your customer engagement strategies.

How do you bring together employees, customers and corporate demands to run the contact centre in an efficient and engaging way? This White Paper shows Business Systems latest survey results and how Workforce Management can help.

The EU’s New Directive for the Protection of Personal Data will change how all organisations manage information. Pindrop shares insight into how Contact Centres are ideal targets while providing their recommended multi-layer approach to security.

Struggling to quantify the cost of failure outside of your control? How to cut costs and raise your corporate status regardless of organisational silos and technology? Bright shares how text analytics can be a game changer for our entire industry.