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Kim Ellis How to Use the Sandwich Technique
How to Use the Sandwich Technique for Customer Service
Video Cover for Jonty Pearce explaining the AHT Glidepath
The AHT Glidepath – Track Agent Onboarding
Injixo burnout video cover
The Truth About Agent Burnout
Daily profiles and reporting intervals video cover
Is Overhang Distorting Your Staffing Calculations?
Guide to partial automation video cover
What Does Contact Centre Partial Automation Really Mean?
What's stopping your talent from blooming video cover
What’s Really Stopping Your Talent From Blooming?
An easy step by step guide to creating a schedule video cover
An Easy Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Schedule
How to Choose Which Calls to Evaluate video cover
How to Choose Which Calls to Evaluate
Forecasting basics video cover
Getting Started With Forecasting
Video cover for how to calculate not ready rate
How to Calculate ‘Not Ready’ Rate
White lily and blurred burning candles - video cover for statements for supporting bereaved customers
Agent Statements for Supporting Bereaved Customers
How to Improve Forecast Accuracy video cover with Chris Dealy
How to Improve Forecast Accuracy
Speed up ACW Video Cover
3 Simple Ways to Speed Up After-Call Work
If it's a forecast it's wrong video cover
If It’s a Forecast – It’s Wrong
NPS - Net Promoter score written in notepad
Improve Your Net Promoter Score (NPS)
Contact Centre Occupancy and Utilization video cover with Ray Agar
Top Tips to Optimize Occupancy and Utilization
Measure Customer Emotion Video
3 Ways to Measure Customer Emotion in the Contact Centre
Working and creating illustration with hands holding cogs - creating superfans cover
How to Create ‘Super-Fan’ Customers
Empathy Statement Examples Video Cover Chris Mounce
4 Examples of Customer Service Empathy Statements
Colin Mann video cover how to reduce queue time
Tips to Reduce Call Queue Time
Methods to Calculate Forecast Accuracy video Cover with Chris Dealy at injixo
Methods to Calculate Forecast Accuracy
What is Self-Service and Why Should Contact Centres Offer It?
Self-Service and Why Contact Centres Should Offer It
Empathy Statements Explained Video Cover
What’s the Difference Between Empathy and Sympathy?
Tips to Reduce Repeat Contacts Video Cover
Tips to Reduce Repeat Contacts