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How Call Centre Helper can Help Your Business Grow

Since most purchasing decisions now involve an internet search wouldn’t you want to place your advertising where people can find you?

Call Centre Helper is a free, weekly online magazine, published every Thursday, aimed at giving call centre people up-to-the-minute advice on how to make their businesses work more effectively.

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Advertising via our website and weekly newsletter will allow you to reach the Call Centre industry with your message. An online advertising campaign targeted at your industry can help increase brand awareness, send traffic to your website and generate sales leads.

We Have a Wide Audience

In the last year we’ve had an average of over 190,000 unique visitors a month. This is significantly higher than the print publications and other call centre websites.

Reaching Decision Makers

We are targeted at Call Centre Managers and Technologists. 52% of readers are at team manager level or above and around 11% of readers are in IT or consultancy.

Our audience influences spend on call centre technology, training and jobs.

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High Attention Marketing

Our high profile advertising package can put your advert on every page of Call Centre Helper – ensuring that you get your message across loud and clear and that your brand and message stays in the mind of key decision makers.

Proven Results

Many of our advertisers have been advertising with us for years. They only do this because they know it gets results.

GDPR – All Call Centre Helper Leads are GDPR Compliant

All marketing communications from Call Centre Helper – email blasts, webinar mailings, event mailings and white paper/report downloads (including those sent out on behalf of our customers) contain permission boxes to indicate if they are happy to be contacted by the sponsor.

We have found a better response to our emails, as we are able to deliver the type of content that our readers are interested in. The results of white paper and webinar mailings, since GDPR have been encouraging

Product Demonstrations

We have also regularly been offering opt-in demos for our white papers and webinars. On our webinars we have been getting between 2 and 12 demo requests – the average is around 4 demo requests.

Media Pack

If you would like more details on our readership statistics or on our advertising packages then please download the Call Centre Helper Media Pack. (This contains a summary of key reader statistics and advertising options.)

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Published On: 22nd Aug 2015 - Last modified: 30th May 2023
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