Contact Centre Research

2021 Survey Results Contact Centre Multichannel Mix
Multichannel Contact Centres: Voice Remains the Channel of Choice
An image of a clock and a calendar representing shift patterns
Contact Centre Shift Patterns: The Latest Findings
2021 CCH Survey Results Knowledge Base Challenges
Survey Results: Knowledge Base Challenges
Two people jumping with a chess board representing important skills
Survey Results: The Most Important Customer Service Skills
Full-Time Workers Are Not the Most Productive
A graph showing the answers to the question "Which is the most important measure of success for you" with the answers of 7%-customer effort score, 23%-first contact resolution, 47%-customer satisfaction, 11%-net promoter score, 12%- average handle time
Customer Satisfaction is Deemed the Most Important Measure of Success
An Agent Can Handle No More Than 3 Webchats at the Same Time
Most Contact Centres Monitor Less Than Six Calls Per Agent Every Month
The Average Contact Centre Cost Per Call is £3.50
A graph illustrating How First Contact Resolution is Measured: 39% don't measure it, 13% use a post call survey, 15% measure repeat contact reasons in crm, 24% ask the customer, 28% have no repeat calls in a given time frame
Over 60% of Contact Centres Measure First Call Resolution
Excel Remains an Ever-Popular Forecasting Tool
A graph showing the answers to the question "Which factor most affects your forecast accuracy" with the answers of 26%-the weather, 23%-mailings, 21%-marketing, 3%-disasters, 27%-call arrival patterns
Call Arrival Patterns has the Greatest Impact Upon Forecast Accuracy
1 in 5 Contact Centres Have an Email Service Level of More Than One Day
Less Than 20% of Contact Centres Calculate Customer Effort
2018 autumn survey
2018 Survey Report: What Contact Centres Are Doing Right Now
Process Failures are the Main Reason for Repeat Calls
10-24% of Contact Volumes is Generally Made Up From Repeat Contacts
Most People Prefer the Name Contact Centre over Call Centre
Most Contact Centres Support Multiple Languages
80% of Contact Centre Professionals Have Never Been Offered Voice Training
2016 spring survey report
White Paper: How Contact Centres Are Delivering Exceptional Customer Service (2016 Edition)
The Average Agent/Team Leader Ratio is less than 10
Most Contact Centres Use Platform Stats to Measure Agent Performance
1 in 5 Contact Centres Could Covert 30%+ of Their Traffic to Self Service
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